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Work-Based Learning Program



Welcome to the Work-Based Learning Program at Griffin Technology Academies, where our commitment lies in offering students immersive opportunities that seamlessly connect theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world applications.


Our mission is to create enriching experiences that serve as a bridge between the classroom and the dynamic challenges of the professional realm.


Internships & Community Service

Our students must complete 35 internship hours and 140 community service hours to graduate from High school.

An internship—paid or unpaid—is an opportunity for students to experience the world of work while they explore a potential career. It is also a chance for local businesses and organizations to help youth understand employer expectations. Completing an internship for Griffin Technology Academies ideally involves work that is beneficial for both the student and the sponsoring site.

Community Service - unpaid-Engaging in unpaid community service provides our students with a valuable opportunity to actively contribute to and support their local community through participation in various events. This experience not only allows them to give back but also fosters a sense of responsibility and connection to the broader community. Through these meaningful activities, our students can make a positive impact, develop important life skills, and cultivate a spirit of civic responsibility.

Community Partners

Establishing collaborative partnerships with local businesses and organizations has proven to be instrumental in enriching the educational journey of our students. By forging these alliances, we not only open doors for valuable internships but also create meaningful opportunities for community service engagement.

Through these partnerships, students gain more than just a glimpse into their potential careers; they actively contribute to and support the local community.

List of Current Community Partners

The Vallejo People’s Garden
Participatory Budgeting (PB) Vallejo
Loma Vista Farm
Loma Vista Elementary
Vallejo Watershed Alliance
Project Blessing Bags
Visions of the Wild
Elmer Cave Language Academy
Vallejo John F. Kennedy Library
GVRD Junior Warriors Program
Hospice Now
Napa Wildlife
Touro University
Apostolic Ministries International
Kaiser Permanente
Solano Association of Realtors
City of Vallejo Recycling
Pike Fitness
Cave Elementary
Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District

Community Service Opportunities

Interested in serving within the community? Click the button below to sign up!

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