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Our Board




An image of Shawna Gilroy

Shawna Gilroy

Board Chairperson
An image of Vivian Wesley

Vivian Wesley

Board Vice-Chairperson
An image of Luis Rosales

Luis Rosales

Board Member
An image of Phil McGuire

Phil McGuire

Board Member
An image of Rebecca Hartman

Rebecca Hartman

Board Member
An image of Makayla McElhaney

Makayla McElhaney

Student Board Member
An image of Angel Ulloa

Angel Ulloa

Student Board Member




When and where does the board meet?

The board meets at 6:00pm on the second Tuesday of the month virtually or in room E3 at MIT Academy. Closed sessions (limited to board members) meet immediately after the regular meeting.


Why join the board?

The GTA Board helps decide the direction of Mare Island Technology Academy MS, MIT Academy HS, and Griffin Academy. As a board member you have the chance to affect change and help GTA move forward.

What does the board do?

  1. The board sets and enforces policy for Griffin Technology Academies
  2. The board oversees all budgetary information, and makes financial decisions
  3. The board hires and evaluates the superintendent
  4. The board approves job descriptions, salary schedules, contracts, calendars and other items as required by law.
  5. Board members sit on TOE hearings (Termination of Enrollment) to decide consequences for students who have demonstrated inappropriate behavior, or have engaged in egregious rules violations


Does the time spent being on the board and it’s related activities count as volunteer time?

Yes, the more time spent on the board means more involvement in activities.


What time committment is involved in being on the board?

  • Attend regular monthly board meetings, including closed session
  • Provide points of view and information from personal experience
  • Attend special board meetings (numbers vary)